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Buy Here Pay Here Software
Easy to Use Financing Features
BHPH Software Tracks Customer Account
Basic Proficiency in less than an hour
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Buy Here Pay Here Software Buy Here Pay Here Software

BitBeater Buy Here Pay Here Software BHPH for Car Lots and Auto Financing

Payment Tracking • Texas OCCC Approved • Uses FED Calculations

BitBeater's Buy Here Pay Here Software loan and APR calculator is compliant with U.S. Truth in Lending laws, and the Texas OCCC which is critical for Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot Software (BHPH).

The front end of the Buy Here Pay Here Software system is the the BitBeater "Create Loan" screen. From the "Customer" screen, click on the "Create Loan" button and the screen appears.

Create a Buy Here Pay Here loan in 30 seconds!

1) Enter the Interest Rate.

2) Enter the Estimated Payment.

3) Click the "Calculate Payments and Dates" Button.

4) Click the "Save" button.

You're loan is complete.

BitBeater will automatically create the BHPH loan calculating interest, payments and dates.

Print Installment Sales Contracts, Payment Books, Security Notes or Amortization Schedules.

The Running Account for your customer can be viewed or printed with a simple mouse click. Buy Here Pay Here Software has never been so easy, try our Buy Here Pay Here Software demo today !




Buy Here Pay Here Software
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