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 The best used car lot software for car dealers of new and used cars for American and Canadian Dealers.
Formerly CarBasePro

" Professional Used Car Lot Software for Car Dealers "
Used Car Lot


CarBasePro™ can be used for new and used car lots, motorcycle, boats and other vehicle dealerships. 

Here are a few key features of CarBasePro.  Click on any screen shot for a larger image and keep in mind these are only a few of the many capabilities of CarBasePro car lot management software.  Carbasepro now supports Canada and Australia.  Please download a demo or request a 30 day license to explore all the features of CarBasePro.  Click the menu buttons above to order a copy or for details on how to download the demo.  

   Kilometers and Miles supported !             We support Canadian car dealers with used car lot sofware features for canada Canadian Version Now Available !          Australian Version Now Available

Customer Tracking
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car dealer software tracks customer data  

CarBasePro Tracks Customer and Vehicle Data

This is the CarBasePro "Customer" screen.  Once you enter your customer's information you'll never have fill in a Purchase Order, Create loan documents, Payment Receipt, or Buyers Guide again.  Click on a button, and CarBasePro prints them for you.  Sort and locate your customers by first or last name.  Add or edit customers, track customer payments and balances.  View the customer's running account.  CarBasePro also tracks the last person to edit, or add a record at the bottom corner right of the screen.  No more digging for paperwork.  CarBasePro keeps all of the information at your fingertips.

Vehicle Tracking
used carlot data for tracking customer information and vehicles

Simple Easy to Use Vehicle Tracking

This is the CarBasePro vehicle screen. This screen tracks all vehicle and inventory data.  AT the top of the screen CarBasePro displays the seller (who sold the vehicle to you).  Directly under the seller carbasepro displays the customer that purchased the vehicle and the purchase order number.  All costs and fees are calculated automatically no calculator needed !  You will know exactly how much you profited at a glance. CarBasePro is very easy to use.

Buy Here Pay Here Loans

We Include Buy Here Pay Here Loan Calculators & Amortization Schedules

The “front end” of the “Buy Here Pay Here” system is the the CarBasePro create loan screen. From the "Customer" screen, click on the "Create Loan" button and the "Create Loan" screen appears. Enter the information and CarBasePro calculates interest, payments, due dates and complete loan amortization schedules. The Security (Time or Demand) Note can be printed from the "Customer" screen. The running account for your customer can be viewed from the "Customer" screen. See why our loan schedules are some of the best in the business.

Our calculations comply with Texas OCCC and FED interest rate calculation guidelines !

Trade Ins

Trade Ins Are Automatically Added to Stock and Ready For Sale

This is the CarBasePro "Trade-In" screen. Click on the "Trade In" button in the "Purchase Order" screen and this screen will appear. Enter the vehicle information in the "white" fields. CarBasePro will calculate then automatically enter the trade-in allowance on the Purchase Order. The trade-in vehicle is then automatically added to your stock, easy to select for another sale

Salesmen Quick Quote Tool

Quick Quote Screen to Rapidly Close Deals

Our quick quote screen is designed to allow salesmen to quickly provide customer quotes saving time and closing more deals.  Simply use the vehicle locator button to see all vehicles in the lot.  Pick a vehicle and the vehicle information is imported back into the quick quote screen.  Enter a few payment variables, hit the calculate payment button and CarBAsePro displays payments and APR calculation results.  You can even see photos of cars in your current inventory.

Vehicle Locator
find where your vehicles are stored by a database search

CarBasePro Vehicle Locator Makes Locating Your Vehicles A Snap !

This is the CarBasePro "Vehicle Locator" screen. This screen lists every vehicle that has ever been in your inventory. Click on the "Current Inventory" button, and view only the vehicles currently on your lot. The vehicle list can be sorted by any of the column headings. Click on a heading to sort by Year, Make, Model, Body Style, Color, or Vin. Then double click on any vehicle, and CarBasePro used car lot software will return you to the "Vehicle" screen with all of the information for that vehicle.

Repair Details
repairs are tracked for the cost of your car or your basis

Track Repair Costs and Details

In order to know how much money you have in a vehicle, it's important to track your repair costs. CarBasePro easily tracks all repair cost details. From the "Vehicle" screen, click on the "Repair Details" button and the "Repairs" screen appears. There are six fields to enter the amounts of parts and repairs for the vehicle, as well as the details. Click on the "Save Changes" button, and the repair costs are automatically added to your cost of the vehicle. The "Profit / Loss" field is updated automatically.

Customer Purchase Order Forms
(Bill of Sale )
bills of sale are automatically filled out so no more manual forms

Car Lot Customer Purchase Order (Bill of Sale) Forms

The Purchase Order Screen Provides Information to Quickly Close Deals. CarBasePro prints your forms saving time and money.  CarBasePro will help reduce mistakes saving valuable time and money.

CarBasePro calculates the deal, and prints a complete Installment Sales Contract. All of the information, including the trade-in vehicle information will be printed on the Purchase Order form.  CarBasePro generates sharp professional looking forms. You don't have to write a thing, just get the customer's signature!  A very easy to use feature.

Forms - (Buyer Guides Example)
easy buyers guide printing


During the CarBasePro setup you declare your state or province.  CarbasePro then selects the form set for your location.  Never buy another buyers guide, window sticker, or payment book again.  Each form set includes location specific forms such as the California "Contract Cancellation Option Agreement".  If you are a multi-state dealer you can also use forms from other sates or provinces.

Calculates Payments
calculates loan payments for used car lots

CarBasePro Calculates Payments and Interest

After the loan has been created for a Purchase Order, CarBasePro will calculate interest due, payment due, balance and late fees through the add loan screen.   Amounts in white fields can be manipulated manually, giving you tremendous flexibility in the way you accept payments.  The customer's detailed payment history can be viewed from the customer screen.

Deal Profit & Loss
know and track your profit and loss deal by deal

CarBasePro Provides Vehicle Specific Costs, Profit and Loss Information

Want to know what you made on that last sale or for any period of time ?  With a simple mouse click you can see  profit & loss information on any vehicle that has gone through your lot.

Inventory Ageing Reports
lots of reports including inventory tracking and ageing

Need to know what’s on your lot and how long it’s been there ?

If you're looking for car lot inventory software, CarBasePro can do the job.  With the click of a mouse, CarBasePro will tell you what you have, and how many days it’s been on your car lot. Take a look at our convenient and easy to use car inventory ageing & tracking features and reports! 

Sales Reports
great sales, load due, inventory sticker and other reports.

Even More Reports !

CarBasePro offers extensive sales reports to provide a wealth of information on vehicle sales and salesmen activity which is why we believe it's on of the best used car lot software programs on the market.  There are many other reports including profit & loss vehicle, sales, receivables, payment reports, detailed sales reports, salesmen reports, loans due reports, inventory sticker reports, inventory cost reports and more.  Download a demo or request a 30 day full license to see all our reports and experience our powerful yet easy to use car lot software for yourself.

California Contract Cancellation Option Agreement Included

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