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Business Tips

Used Car Lot Overhead - The the importance of pay for performance

When considering a new used car lot or car dealership there are many sources of business costs or overhead you need to be aware of. These costs are generally broken up into two categories, fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs are costs that do not vary with an increase or decrease in sales. Examples are salaries, rent and property taxes. Your rent is the same whether you sell 1 car or 100 cars so this cost is “fixed” at a predictable amount.

Variable costs are costs that vary from month to month depending on use or business activity. Examples are commissions, electricity, gas etc.

When starting or operating a business many owners prefer to scale costs with business activity. This means owners minimize fixed costs and try to make as many costs as possible variable with sales activity. Employee pay is a good example. If business is down you may not be able to pay employees the same as when business is doing well. Commissions and profit sharing are a great ways to pay employees as it scales to your level of business activity. When sales are brisk you can afford (and should) pay employees more and when sale are slow and profits are lean your payroll will fall keeping your costs low until business picks up.

Car Lot Salesmen Efficiency is key to good customer experience and higher business profits

Customers expect your car dealership to provide a good buying experience. Managers and owners expect employees to be efficient and provide accurate information to customers. Automation is key to improving car lot efficiency. A PC based application like BitBeater can make your operation more efficient, increase profits and improve the customer buying experience.

How many times has one of your salesmen sat down with a customer then had to rummage through files or run back out to the lot to find out what the sticker price on a car is ? How many times has a salesmen sat in front of a customer, whipped out a calculator or outdated form and tried to figure out what the payments on a car are going to be ?  Meanwhile the customer is waiting, growing impatient and you are giving the impression that the salesmen either doesn't know what he/she is doing or that they might be making a mistake in the calculation. Probably more times than you would like to admit.

Car lot management Software can minimize mistakes and provide a fast answer to keep the sales discussion going while the customer is still eager to buy.  We’ve incorporated a Quick Quote feature into BitBeater designed especially for improving the speed and quality of information provided to customers. It allows salesmen to quickly calculate and review payment scenarios, look up sticker prices in inventory and even review photos of cars on the lot. Our easy to use quick quote function will help eliminate mistakes, make your salesmen more productive and provide a much better impression of your dealership.

By making your salesmen more efficient you also give them an opportunity to sell more and earn a higher commission which helps reduce turnover and promotes a happier sales staff.

We suggest you try our car lot management software demo and see the quick quote tool in action for yourself.


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The importance of Pay for Performance and Salesmen Efficiency









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